Oh Santa!
I've been described by my visitors as:

  • A very compassionate Santa
  • The most genuine I've ever seen
  • Looks like Father Christmas
  • He really is Santa
  • Makes you believe again
  • So kind and makes each child feel very special
  • Exudes the spirit of Santa Claus
  • Reaches out to the elderly, handicapped and sickly

December 17, 2003

Dear Mr. Phillips,

Or may I call you Santa? I feel silly telling Santa that he did a wonderful job, but you did! You made the Christmas party great fun for all the children, their parents, and President Bush and me. Thank you for your special Santa touch.

Thank you for the beautiful edition of "The Night Before Christmas" with your insiring inscription, and for delivering the ornament from the Merck family. I will enjoy the book as a reminder of your contribution to a delightful occasion.

With best wishes,
Laura Bush

January 4, 2005

Dear Mr. Phillips:

It was a pleasure to welcome you back to the White House. Thank you for the copy of "The First Christmas". I appreciate your kind gesture and thoughtfulness.

Laura joins me in wishing you health and happiness in the new year. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless America.


George W. Bush

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